I have, probably not unlike you, a stack of beautiful, interesting and inspiring cookbooks in my kitchen. I love getting a new cookbook, reading through it and marking the pages of the recipes I want to try, unfortunately that’s usually as far as I get.  I have all the enthusiasm and excitement to try a new recipe, but then work happens, or social events, and the ingredients are too difficult to find or expensive, and what if it doesn’t taste nice…. and actually it looks kind of difficult to make….

So we stick to what we know, and we eat the same things each week, because they are quick, cheap, easy and taste pretty good. But I’m bored of that, I want to push myself and learn new recipes, that will probably end up being just as quick and easy once I have learnt them too.

Now I must warn you, I am a ‘cereal starter’ meaning I am always starting something; there was the photography phase, the scrap booking, the novel and so on, and I hate to say it but nothing ever really gets finished. So, to try and keep myself on track I am setting myself a task, an objective, a mission. Today is January 31st 2017 and for the next year I am going to cook one new recipe from one of my cookbooks every week. And I am going to write about it here, so you, whoever you are, can hold me accountable.  I will tell you what I have cooked and how, what worked and what didn’t, I will be honest, and my hope is that at the end of this I will have 52 great recipes to share with you.

You probably want to know who your dealing with here, so let me introduce myself. I am Willow, I am 26 years old and I live with my fiance Jack. I am a vegetarian, more out of habit than anything else as I have never eaten meat in my life. I love cooking but I am not a professional, and I have had no formal training. The recipes I will share here will be from my cookbooks and I will give credit to the chefs when I write about them, though I may make tweaks and changes in order to make the recipes easier or even a bit more yummy. My aim is to start cooking healthy, but easy, no nonsense meals that I can put together after a hard day of work.


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