Recipe #6: Two Ingredient Pancakes

I almost feel like this recipe is so simple that it shouldn’t count as one of my 52 recipes, but it is so good I need to share it with you! Its simplicity is what makes it so good and that it only needs two ingredients. It started with me feel horrendously hungover, yes again, I had been out to see the Dub Pistols on the Friday and was still feeling the after effects on Sunday morning. When did hangovers start lasting two days? I remember when I used to be able to go out and stay up all night drinking then make it to school the next morning for 9am! I can barely move if I’m hungover these days. So I was lazing in bed feeling hungry and sorry for myself, no one wanted to go to the shop and we had barely any food in the house. I was scrolling Facebook and one of those recipe videos came up, it looked so easy I needed to try it, but mainly I chose it because I knew we had the ingredients in that we needed.


My brother in law was staying and so I excitedly showed him the video and we decided they looked pretty good. Also this recipe is slimming world friendly which is great! I was dubious though, as it was only two ingredients I didn’t know how it could possibly taste any good, no flour, no milk?! But everybody loved them! We ran out of eggs and bananas and had to go out the next day to get more so I could keep making them! They are sweet 2and moist and they aren’t too eggy at all. They tasted great with a nut butter, but we tried them with Jam, Honey and Lemon and all of these combinations tasted nice. I bet Nutella would be amazing on these…

These will now been a firm favourite in our household for sure, and are so easy to make I might even be able to attempt them on the first day of my hangover, maybe. I have added sweetener to the recipe because this fits in with my slimming world diet, but you could use something healthy like nice honey, or even leave it out completely and let the banana do the sweetening, I just have a massively sweet tooth.

Two Ingredient Pancakes

Ingredients – makes four small pancakes

2 Eggs
1 large banana, or two small ones


To Serve:
Nut Butter

1) Mash the banana in a bowl
2) Add to eggs and mix together
3) Use a ladle to spoon mixture onto a frying pan in small pancake shapes, fry on each side until brown.
4) Spread with something yummy, enjoy!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Leigh says:

    I haven’t had pancakes since I started SW, going to treat myself at the weekend. Nom nom xxx


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