Recipe #2: Smoky White Bean Quesadillas


Sorry for the delay in posting, we have had some internet issues (BT are complete and utter idiots..)

So let me start by saying HOW have quesadillas not been in a thing in my life before today!? They are amazing! And after much debating between me and jack I can confirm the correct way to pronounce it is Kay-sah-DEE-yah. I have never ever tried these before, usually in Mexican restaurants I will go for the fajitas because I like it when they come out sizzling and you get to make them up yourself (simple things) so have never been tempted by them, also probably because I never knew how to say it until now! But let me tell you I will most certainly be ordering them next time I see them on the menu.

So it’s well and truly into January now and I have completed my second menu and have re-joined slimming world. I am full of motivation and ready to get fit and slim! I wonder how long this motivation will last? What happens to it I wonder, where does it go? By end of February I am usually back to my normal lazy self, ordering takeaways and driving to corner shop. But I am really enjoying trying out my new recipes and hope that this blog will stick. Jack is talking about making it ‘Global’ by using keywords and increasing my traffic and some acronym I didn’t understand and can’t remember, I think he’s getting a little over the top. I mean I want lots of people to read this, it kind of validates it, makes it worthwhile. But I am not sure about spending £50 on a more google optimised theme (?!) so I will just keep sharing this and hope it continues to reach people. I looked at my stats the other day and was so shocked to see it being read all over the world!! Which is amazing! I think the more people who follow this blog the less likely I am to give up. So… hint hint.. follow me.

Anyway back to the matter at hand, food! KAYSAHDEEYAAAAH’s. I struggled to fit the cooking in this weekend as we were busy making dens in the woods, and by the time we got home on Sunday we were both knackered and all the shops where closed. Luckily I have Mondays off work, which I LOVE, so I got up early, well 10am, and went to the supermarket to get all the ingredients. I realised that no one would be home to try my recipe so text jack asking if he could come home for lunch, he happily agreed. But that gave me a time limit so I ended up getting a little stressed while cooking as he came back and I was nowhere near ready!

This week I used a recipe by Anna Jones, she is really great. Her book ‘A Modern Way to Cook’ is full of really easy vegetarian recipes that have accessible ingredients. Her instructions are clear and she also has a section on how to make things like tofu and paneer from scratch which looks interesting! You know, for all those times I find myself with a few hours to spare…. Ha! This filling has lots of lemon in it so you end up with a very fresh tasting quesadilla, the only cheese I actually like is mozzarella so I used that instead of the other cheese. Rather than being Mexican these have a more Spanish vibe, I can imagine these would be a great lunch on a hot sunny day. You can also make a load of them up and stack them in the fridge ready to be fried. I would say that it needed salt and pepper, Anna Jones is all about healthy cooking so she doesn’t call for salt in a lot of her recipes but I would say it definitely needed salt. I also like a bit of a kick to my meals so I would have also added some cayenne pepper to this meal. BUT as promised in my last post I was going to follow the recipe word for word. The only thing I did was double the ingredients as this one only makes one tortilla’s worth and knew Jack would not be happy with half a tortilla for his lunch, especially as I hadn’t had time to make a salad. I think for a main meal this would need a big salad with it and also some spicy Mexican rice or maybe potatoes? But that’s because I am a massive carb fiend.

The great thing about this recipe is that once I got the basic concept, spreading some sort of filling onto a tortilla (which is pronounced tor-TEE-yah) slap another tortilla on top and fry it, I realised that you could fill it with anything! I think garlic mushrooms would be amazing in this, or even a pudding one? Chocolate and banana! Oh my… I need to try this. Imagining melted Cadbury bar and slices of banana. It’s a shame that I can’t have tortillas that much now that I am back on slimming world because I would really like to try a few different fillings. Don’t worry though my recipes are not going to suddenly change, I am allowing myself a cheat day in order to keep bring you delicious recipes. I might make a separate section on my blog for some slimming world recipes though!


2 spring onions
olive oil
1⁄2 teaspoon smoked paprika
50g cooked white beans
100g jarred, roasted red peppers
1 unwaxed lemon
1⁄2 a bunch of fresh parsley
50g Manchego cheese (see above note for vegans)
2 wholemeal or seeded tortillas or wraps
a handful of cherry tomatoes

Get all your ingredients together. Finely slice the spring onions. Put a frying pan on a medium heat, add a little olive oil, the spring onions and smoked paprika, and cook for a couple of minutes, until starting to brown. Meanwhile, put the white beans into a mixing bowl and mash them with a fork, then roughly chop your red peppers and add half of them to the beans. Grate over the zest of the lemon, then roughly chop the parsley and add half to the bowl. Grate in your Manchego. Once the spring onions are browned, add these too. Lay a tortilla or wrap on your work surface. Spoon the red pepper mixture all over it, spread it evenly, then top with the other tortilla. Heat a frying pan quesadillas_contrastand toast the quesadilla for a couple of minutes on each side –I do this dry, but you can add a splash of oil if you like your quesadillas crispy. If you find it hard to flip, a plate on top might help.

While the quesadilla is toasting, roughly chop the tomatoes, mix with the remaining peppers and parsley and squeeze in the juice of half the lemon.

Once toasted on both sides, remove the quesadilla from the pan and cut into six pieces. Serve in the middle of the table, with the salsa for spooning over.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Leigh says:

    God this sounds good! What are white beans? Loads of beans are white….
    I love the idea of a section for SW meals, coz I find my diet boring at times, but I am dedicated to staying on plan.
    Chris really wants these this week, gonna give them a go.
    Love this blog ❤


    1. Willow says:

      Any kind of white beans work, I used cannelloni beans! Xxx


  2. Jackie says:

    these sound yummy..methinks they could be popular next weekend??? Looking forward to next post 🌮🌯🍜🍰


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